Indirect Taxation for different E-Commerce Models – Indirect Taxation Structure in India has just become more complex!!!

Indirect taxation in India ecommerce supplychain

ECOMMERCE INDUSTRY – Struggling but Tons of potential OPPORTUNITIES still there to grab!!! E-Commerce Industry is one such Industry which lots of ups and downs. Grabbing a share of more than 60% of total VC Funding, Internet users in India posed to reach 900 million in 2020 and Indian internet market expected to reach $150 billion by […]

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Indian #ECommerce Industry- Is it Attractive for Business or Consumer?


INTRODUCTION Electronic Commerce which is commonly termed as E-Commerce is an industry where-in the trade i.e. buying and selling of products happens over internet. A simple explanation of the E-Commerce model is – The product pictures, product specification and the product price are displayed in the E-Commerce platform. Customer reviews, compares, selects and purchases the […]

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