Indirect Taxation for different E-Commerce Models – Indirect Taxation Structure in India has just become more complex!!!

Indirect taxation in India ecommerce supplychain

ECOMMERCE INDUSTRY – Struggling but Tons of potential OPPORTUNITIES still there to grab!!! E-Commerce Industry is one such Industry which lots of ups and downs. Grabbing a share of more than 60% of total VC Funding, Internet users in India posed to reach 900 million in 2020 and Indian internet market expected to reach $150 billion by […]

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Warehouse Optimization – A COMPETITIVE EDGE in Supply Chain!

Warehouse Space Optimization

‘Warehouse OPTIMIZATION’ gives you the COMPETITIVE EDGE   Warehousing and Logistics are two key levers and enablers within Supply Chain. To describe each one of them in a single word, I would use the verb ‘Store’ to describe Warehousing and ‘Move’ to describe Logistics. Supply chain will cease to perform without these key verbs (Store and Move) since products have to […]

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